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I'm Anxious To Help You To Banish Your Overwhelm AND To Take The Busywork, Guesswork, Mystery and Misery Out Of Marketing Your Business!

If you have ever thought:

    • I’m not getting the RESULTS I WANT (and more importantly, NEED).
    • I know I need more exposure to get more customers and increase my revenues.
    • I am receiving conflicting advice on what to do to get more exposure, get more customers and increase my revenues.  I just don’t know who to listen to not to mention where to find the TIME to implement.
    • I’ve spent hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars on programs and have gotten little if any return for the investment.  Now what do I do?

And, if you are:

    • More than ready to banish your overwhelm
    • Willing to STOP doing the things that are not working so you can redirect your time and energy to things that will
    • Prepared to get laser-focused and work ON creating the business you and those that you serve deserve

Then, K.I.$.$. for Clients and Cash 2.0 is for YOU!

In January 2012, K.I.$.$. for Clients and Cash was launched. Key components of the program included:  customized strategies and action plans tailored to each participant, training webinars on topics relevant to executing those strategies, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.  Here is what one of our inaugural participants have had to say about the program:

“The first three months as a K.I.S.S. participant is best described as a “new birth” for my business…a brand new beginning.  The strategies that got (and keep) me laser-focused on what is most important for what I am trying to accomplish have been most valuable.  There is a process to business as it is with anything else in life and by following the leader – and to not allow myself to be distracted by the advice of others – have been crucial to my progress. I am confident that as the growth continues more will be accomplished through strategies and directions that will only result in a win-win in my business.  If you are open-minded and teachable, check out K.I.S.S. for your business.”

During our first year, we learned from our participants as much as they from us.  We learned that providing a cost-effective program with customized strategies, action plans and training are important BUT providing participants with the ability to receive on-demand guidance, mentoring, coaching from experts that know what is needed to succeed in growing your business and your brand in today’s world as well as accountability, feedback and community interaction are important as well.  We are extremely excited to announce that K.I.$.$. for Clients and Cash 2.0 will incorporate all of these new features…and more!

JOIN ME on a mission to simplify your life and business while increasing your results and bottom-line!

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Here’s to your continued success!